The Coolest Dental Clinics Across The World

The simple truth is that we hate the dentist, his clinic and everything else related to it. And even though as years pass by and we grow older, we still cower away from visiting the clinic because of that fear hidden deep down. And just thinking about those drills and nasty meds and injections just makes you want to run miles! And I don’t think any child would agree that a dental clinic could ever be cool, I’m mean how can it right? But trust me when I tell you it can. Here are some clinics across the world that are more inviting than any hospital could ever be.

Hello Kitty in Japan

This clinic in japan has truly out done itself with its perfect medical practice interior design. This signature animation is on many merchandise that range from school supplies to stickers and even food. And as we all know Japan is all about thinking out of the box and animation. And so it is no surprise that they have a dental clinic in the theme of Hello Kitty! It is dripping Pink though; in every corner you look. And so if you aren’t much of a fan of excessive pink then you might want to think twice on your visit to the particular place.  Regardless of it, it still does seem more inviting and childish than any dental clinic ever could be.

The royal welcome for pain!

Well no matter how the place may be designed, at some point or the other you would have to experience pain going under those drills and all. Nevertheless, it seems though that a royal welcome would be more inviting than any other! And if you want to experience this royal welcome, all you have to do is take a trip to Romania! And this dental clinic fitouts Melbourne is adorned with purple and white shades that makes anyone feel the vibe and theme the clinic is going for.

German and orange

In Germany the KU64 is another clinic that is innovative with its orange theme followed throughout the entire place. It uses the best and modern equipment and meds in order to ensure that their clients feel nothing but comfort during their visit and treatment. And the overall furniture also complements this overall theme.

The blue and scuba diving theme

In Virginia Dr. Rahim is one dentist who has gone over and beyond the statuesque by incorporating a personal touch in to the design of his clinic. His hobby is scuba diving and he has used this as his inspiration base to paint the walls and design the overall interior by incorporating fun colored furniture and a lot of blue! What’s even unique is his ability to demonstrate his interest on reading by using the phonetic spellings of the word blue as stated in the dictionary.

 These are only a couple, and there are many more across the world. So remember if you hate your local dentist you can always take a trip across the oceans to visit one of these clinics!

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